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PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS
Advanced Content Management

The US version of PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS is an open-source highly modified Fork of Nuke-Evolution written in PHP as a programming language and development was first started in 2005. The software comes with a set of basic and advanced features like a WYSIWYG editor, an admin interface with drag and drop blocks, spam protection, and image processing. PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS also comes with the ability to use various modules that will extend the current functionality of your portal/website. The latest version available for download is 4.0.0b and is still in Beta.

PHP-Nuke Titanium now comes with v5 of the Titanium Facebook SDK kit. It's already set up. All you have to do is add your app ID and secret. You can disable Facebook anytime if you like, by default it is disabled until you add your app ID and secret...

If you need help, we would be glad to set it up for FREE. We normally setup your FREE portal and install and configure PHP-Nuke Titanium for you at the same time. All you have to do, is send a private message to TheGhost asking for a portal setup.

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Download PHP-Nuke Titanium Today! It comes with an easy to use PHP installer. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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About PHP-Nuke Titanium
Started by Administrator
Announcements 0 Replies
Jan 14th 2023 4:07 pm
by Administrator
Where did the name PHP-Nuke Titanium come from?
Started by Administrator
Announcements 0 Replies
Jan 14th 2023 4:00 pm
by Administrator
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About PHP-Nuke Titanium (US Version)
Posted by Administrator Thu Jan 26, 2023 8:26 pm

The US version of PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS is an open-source highly modified Fork of PHP-Nuke written in PHP as a programming language and development was first started in 2005. The software comes with a set of basic features like a WYSIWYG editor, an admin interface with drag-and-drop blocks, spam protection, and image processing. PHP-Nuke Titanium CMS comes with the ability to use various modules that will extend the current functionality of your portal/website. The latest version available for download is 4.0.4 and is still in beta.

NOTE: Your admin and user accounts have already been logged in for you so please visit this link to get started.

You can edit or remove this blog message by going into the Blog Admin Panel located in the Admin area, or looking below you can edit by clicking the pencil or the x to delete this blog message.


Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: administrator[at]

( Likes & comments? ) ( Open-Source | The Daily Blog | Score: 0 ) ( Reads: 1113 )
Why did we name the CMS PHP-Nuke Titanium?
Posted by Administrator Tue Jan 03, 2023 11:33 pm

Where did the name PHP-Nuke Titanium come from?

It involves a nuclear waste storage concept...

Because of its corrosion resistance, containers made of titanium have been studied for the long-term storage of nuclear waste. Containers lasting more than 100,000 years are thought possible with manufacturing conditions that minimize material defects. A titanium "drip shield" could also be installed over containers of other types to enhance their longevity.

The original PHP-Nuke has been around for 30+ years and we have preserved it in Titanium, PHP-Nuke Titanium to be exact...

Because titanium alloys have the high tensile strength to density ratio, high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high crack resistance, and the ability to withstand moderately high temperatures without creeping, they are used in aircraft, armor plating, naval ships, spacecraft, and missiles.

Titanium was discovered in 1791 by the clergyman and amateur geologist William Gregor as an inclusion of a mineral in Cornwall, Great Britain. Gregor recognized the presence of a new element in ilmenite when he found black sand by a stream and noticed the sand was attracted by a magnet. Analyzing the sand, he determined the presence of two metal oxides: iron oxide (explaining the attraction to the magnet) and 45.25% of a white metallic oxide he could not identify. Realizing that the unidentified oxide contained a metal that did not match any known element, Gregor reported his findings to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall and in the German science journal Crell's Annalen.

Around the same time, Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein produced a similar substance, but could not identify it. The oxide was independently rediscovered in 1795 by Prussian chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth in rutile from Boinik (the German name of Bajmócska), a village in Hungary (now Bojničky in Slovakia). Klaproth found that it contained a new element and named it for the Titans of Greek mythology. After hearing about Gregor's earlier discovery, he obtained a sample of manaccanite and confirmed it to be titanium.

All of this is how we related the idea to name our Fork of PHP-Nuke, PHP-Nuke Titanium and the story relates...

Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: administrator[at]

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Sentinel Portal Security
You have been warned!
Sentinel Portal Security has caught an estimated 0 shameful hackers.

Installed On: June 16th, 2000 at 6:16 pm
Last upDate: Jan 1st, 2023

How injections are prevented by Bob Marion's PHP-Nuke Sentinel Portal Security addon:

PHP-Nuke was created 24 Years ago . It was a full-featured  website/portal  as we called them, it was all the craze. PHP-Nuke was something easy to install on the many free Web Hosting accounts that were available. It was the first CMS ever created and/or available in internet history, and also came with lots of awesome features. But it had a price: It had unprofessional code, it was very unstable, and almost unmaintainable, and then last but not least it was horribly insecure. If you want to know why it had some of the security holes or problems that it had, you would have to take a look under the hood, maybe explore some of the old original source code, you would see right away why someone needed to organize re-write and clean up all the code. During the time of its production and release SQL injection and a few other security risks were a big problem: Search Engine, Contact Form, Forged Cookies, you name it. It was almost impossible to maintain so some internet PHP-Nuke enthusiast got togethor and added a much needed security layer, covering every security case you could imagine. Thus the birth of Sentinel Portal Security™


  1.   Improved Scripting Attack filters.
  2.   Repaired a couple of missing tags in admin pages.
  3.   Updated Blocks for titles and compliance.
  4.   Moved "Country List" link to the main menu.
  5.   100% HTML / XHTML Compliant.
  6.   The administrator can define the ability to have blocked users either:  [A] Be forwarded to a page (or) [B] Be forwarded to an admin-defined URL.
  7.   Enhanced Administration Functions.
  8.   Writes information to Apache's .htaccess file. (For Increased Security on Blocking)
  9.   Cleaned up coding and variables.
10.   Can now remove blocked ip's from Apache's .htaccess file while removing them from the DB.
11.   Can alter blocked ip's in Apache's .htaccess file while altering them in the DB.
12.   Improved paging system in the Administration area.
13.   Added Remote IP and User-Agent to the "blocked" page display.
14.   Added CLIKE protection with an on/off switch.
15.   Added UNION protection with an on/off switch.
16.   Added Harvester protection with an on/off switch.
17.   Added AUTHORS table protection with on/off switch.
18.   Improved speed relating to blocked ip checking.
19.   Added Page Sorting options for blocked ip pages.
20.   Added PC Killer option.
21.   Repaired PC Killer loop problem.
22.   Added "Last 10 Blocked IPs" block.
23.   Reconfigured the nsnst_config table.
24.   Repaired language file loading.
25.   Updated the lang-english.php file.
26.   Updated blockers to allow email only, block and email, and off.
27.   Repaired "Edit Blocked IP" routine.
28.   Repaired NukeSentinel(tm) Configuration.
29.   Now clears user sessions from both Nuke as well as Forums tables.
30.   Added a new block that shows IP lookups to the public as well as to admins.
31.   Added "blocker type" specific responses.
32.   Added the ability for block settings to now show ip lookup link and reason.
33.   Enabled Multiple email addresses for notifications. (may need work).
34.   Will match db stored IP addresses of xxx.*.*.* as global blocks.
35.   When blocking IP's it will use .* as the global range.
36.   Enabled Blocker-specific information to be written to Apache's .htaccess file(if your server supports it).
37.   Enabled Blocker specific forwarding.
38.   Enabled "Protected Admins" functions (Can only be set up by the "God" level Administrator)
39.   Enabled "HTTP Auth" function (If your server has PHP compiled as an Apache Module, but not if your server has PHP compiled in CGI Mode).
40.   Enabled "Proxy Blocker" capabilities with on/off switch.
41.   Enabled DOS (Denial Of Service) Attack Protection.
42.   Enabled Mouse-over & Mouse-clicks Options in Help System.
43.   Enabled Mouse-clicks for Info System.
44.   Corrected problem with sites pulling your backend.php news feed.
45.   Reordered blockers for better trapping of attacks.
46.   Corrected a bad case for IP2C Searching.
47.   Corrected the is_god function. Around line 801 you can allow superusers in but as default, it requires God status.
48.   Corrected the blockers error of an empty set.
49.   Corrected a missing HELP define.
50.   Added Santy Worm protection (Thanks to NSN France)
51.   Added check box so you can return to the Add IP/Range screens faster
52.   Recoded includes/nukesentinel.php to load and run faster.
53.   Rebuilt the Search function to search all IP areas at once and display the results.
54.   Added test switch for HTTPAuth and register_globals. Helps prevent admins being locked out of admin.php.
55.   Added switch for Santy Worm protection.
56.   NEW import system for adding IP 2 Country data and importing Blocked Ranges.
57.   Created master globals in includes/nukesentinel.php for easier and faster processing.
58.   You can use the new master global by adding to your global lines throughout PHP-Nuke.
59.   Adapted for 7.7 WYSIWYG editor. (Thanks to WD-40)
60.   Enclosed table and field names with ` marks on SQL queries.
61.   Improved the Add IP 2 Country Range failure report page.
62.   includes/nukesentinel.php checks for the var and sets it if it isn't set.
63.   Added Country Listing page in IP 2 Country management. Now you can easily find the c2c codes.
64.   Changed the IP Tracking from a max number of lines to a max number of days.
65.   Added the gfx=gfx_little clause to prevent being tracked and wasting DB space.
66.   Removed unused code and language defines.
67.   Corrected a Search Results error.
68.   Re-ordered the lang file to prevent Undefined error.
69.   ChatServ updates to replace == "" to empty() in many locations.
70.   Updated Edit Instructions (Includes updates by ChatServ for Patched 3.1).
71.   Moved import directory out of the admin directory structure so it can be deleted after importing data easier.
72.   Added routines to check the range database table for overlaps.
73.   Updated import data (ip2country data from the NukeScripts site).
74.   NEW Flood Protection on GET and POST requests. (Thanks to Manuel)
75.   Added global for SERVER_ADDR as $nsnst_const['server_ip']. Can be useful in
        other scripts to check if the request comes from your server or from a client.

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